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Research interests

Field of research

  • Cave microbiology
  • Ecosystem function
  • Nature protection



  • Slovenian microbiological society
  • Prirodoslovno društvo Slovenije
  • Krasoslovno društvo Anthron


Training abroad: Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, UK, USA

Selected publications

Mulec, J., Dietersdorfer, E., Üstüntürk, M., Walochnik, J. 2016. Acanthamoeba and other free-living amoebae in bat guano, an extreme habitat. Parasitology Research, 115, 4, 1375-1383

Mulec, J., Oarga-Mulec, A., Schiller, E., Perşoiu, A., Holko, L., Šebela, S. 2015. Assessment of the physical environment of epigean invertebrates in a unique habitat : the case of a karst sulfidic spring, Slovenia. Ecohydrology, 8, 7, 1326-1334

Mulec, J. 2014. Human impact on underground cultural and natural heritage sites, biological parameters of monitoring and remediation actions for insensitive surfaces: case of Slovenian show caves. Journal for Nature Conservation, 22, 2, 132-141

Mulec, J., Covington, E., Walochnik, J. 2013. Is bat guano a reservoir of Geomyces destructans?.Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 3, 2, 161-167

Mulec, J., Vaupotič, J., Walochnik, J. 2012. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic airborne microorganisms as tracers of microclimatic changes in the underground (Postojna Cave, Slovenia). Microbial Ecology, 64, 3, 654-667

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Selected projects
Curriculum Vitae

Education: Ph.D. in Biology, M.Sc. in Biomedicine – Microbiology, B.Sc. in Microbiology

Scientific title: Research Fellow


karstology • microbiology